Sunday, July 20, 2014

Month-long Nico Nico Live Music Festival

There will be a month of music online as the Nico Nico website hosts the "Natsu no Ongaku LIVE Matsuri 2014." Starting July 23, there will be 40 consecutive days of live music programs featuring idols, Golden Bomber, visual kei, rock music, and special pick-up artists. Don't miss shows featuring Kameleo, Codomo Dragon, DIV, Meteoroid, LIPHLICH, RAVE, Royz, SuG, HERO, DaizyStripper, Moran, Alice Nine, An Cafe, D=OUT, R-Shitei, Sadie, and vistlip! Time shifting is available for registered Nico Nico members who can't watch the programs as they air. Full program details and links are available on the special Nico Nico event page.

Nico Nico "Natus no Ongaku LIVE Matsuri 2014" details and links here

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