Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tokimeki☆Viju LIVE Show Airs 5/25

The Tokimeki☆Viju Night show, which airs on the Nico Nico Live website, will have its first live performance show on May 25. The "Tokimeki☆Viju LIVE Vol. 1~Shoka no Tokimeki ♥Shotaiken~" special will begin airing at 17:00 JST (convert time here) and will feature talks and live performances from bands like An Cafe, Royz, Jin-Machine, and Blu-BiLLioN. MC Takuya Hoshino will host the show. Time shifting is available for registered users of the Nico Nico website who cannot watch the show as it airs.

"Tokimeki" live special airs here

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